I am honored to receive a 2020 Individual Artist Award from Rasmuson Foundation!

My proposed project was to organize concerts in remote, abandoned military structures of Alaska. These structures offer unique acoustic environments and a powerful symbol of our interaction with this place. Writing music that responds to those acoustics subverts the symbol–it would cast a structure designed as an assertion of dominance instead a place of community. If you are interested in being part of these concerts in any way, please see my contact page to get in touch.

Concerns about personal health during the COVID-19 pandemic has made the original proposal unworkable. I hope to be able to offer such concerts in the future, but for now I have reworked my IAA project. I have instead written a series of pieces for solo guitar, solo violin, and solo piano to be performed in the UAA Recital Hall. They are my most thorough exploration of a new musical system built around broad scales and nuanced cadences that echo and expand the tonal systems of Western classical music. For more information, see my Listen page, check out the Kickstarter campaign for my album In Place, and read the updates.

Stay tuned for concert info!